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How to debrand your Nokia N95 (and probably other Nokia phones)

A while ago I really needed to debrand my N95 so that I could install the latest firmware update at the time (v.20.0.15) and therefore be able to use the sensor module that came with Python for Series 60 v.1.4.2. In the past I had read a couple of posts in various forms and I had really been scared away from attempting such a thing, because “…you can break your phone and never have it work again”. Anyway, as I really needed to do this to be able to write applications using the sensor module I took the courage 🙂 to actually go for it. As it turned out it was much simpler and less dangerous than most people presented it to be. A nice guide I found and followed was this. For the sake of completeness and because I can never be sure that this resource will be always available I have copied the steps below.

Note that the real dangerous thing is while updating the firmware on your phone, during which you should at not time interrupt the process. As this is a procedure you normally get into anyway when you want to update your firmware, debranding the phone per se does not put any higher risk on your phone. Just be carefull when updating the software and you’ll be fine.

You can find your phone’s current firmware version by typing *#0000# on your phone. To check if there is an update for your phone go to the Nokia Device Software Update page.

Debranding your phone

First of all you need to get the Nemesis Service Suite and the Nokia Software Updater.

  1. Connect your phone and wait for Windows to install the drivers.
  2. Open Nemesis Service Suite and click “Scan for new device” on the right-upper part of the window
  3. Click on the icon “Phone info”
  4. Click on “Scan”
  5. Change the product code to the one you want from the list below.
  6. Mark the case “Enable”.
  7. Press “Write”, and your phone’s product code will be changed (you might think that nothing happened, because the phone is still in normal mode, and the changing of the product code only takes a couple of seconds, but don’t worry, the product code changed !).
  8. Close Nemesis Service Suite and run the Nokia Software Update.
  9. Make sure not to touch the cable or the phone while your phone is updating or else you will break it!
  10. That’s it! When you restart your phone, it should now be upgraded!

Product Codes

0534841 EURO1 – Sand
0534842 FRANCE
0534843 ALPS
0534844 EURO2
0534845 TURKEY
0534848 BALTIAN
0534849 RUSSIAN
0534850 UKRAINE
0534851 CIS, Bulgaria
0534852 EURO3
0534853 BALKANS
0534857 ISRAEL

0536062 EURO1 – Plum
0536063 FRANCE
0536064 ALPS
0536065 EURO2
0536066 TURKEY
0536069 BALTIAN
0536070 RUSSIAN
0536071 UKRAINE
0536072 CIS, Bulgaria
0536074 EURO3
0536075 BALKANS
0536079 ISRAEL

0534832: Hong Kong
0536084: Hong Kong
0534830: Taiwan
0536083: Taiwan
0534833: Apac 1
0536085: Apac 1
0534834: Philippines
0534835: Australia
0534836: New Zeland
0534837: Indonesia
0536086: Philippines
0536087: Australia
0536088: New Zeland
0536089: Indonesia
0548298: India Apac 2
0548299: India Apac 2
0535053: Thailand
0536093: Thailand
0534839: Vietnam
0536091: Vietnam

Operator Specific codes
0548170 – Orange UK
0548020 – Movistar

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