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Duck for your privacy

Quite a while ago I heard a strange sounding name that referred to a new search engine. It was called DuckDuckGo (from now on DDG). I thought, what the hell is that? and went my own way. Old habits die hard, so I went on with my old habit of using Google as my search engine and didn’t think twice about it. But Google is starting to piss me off! Its track of privacy violations is becoming a bit too much for my taste and I would love to find an alternative that returns as good results while at the same time respects my bloody privacy. And then today, while I was browsing the net I found this article. Wow! I thought to myself. These guys apparently take privacy seriously. A search engine that takes the extra effort to provide completely anonymized search results using TOR is worth giving a shot! And sure enough I started using DDG for a few hours and found out that I quite like it actually. Beyond the fact that it seems to really respect my privacy, it also produces damn good search results too! It has a bunch of cool shortcuts which it calls !bangs and it doesn’t load my search page with stupid ads about how BP is saving the planet!

I’m telling you people, don’t make the same mistake I did and judge this one by its name! Give it a try, it’s worth it!


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