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A Frakked up finish…

So Battlestar Galactica is over. It has been my favorite series over the last years, but to be honest, the last 10 episodes that ended the series were a huge disappointment to me.And although I was hoping for the series finale to compensate for some of the previous epsiodes, unfortunately that didn’t happen either. I mean it wasn’t THAT bad, but I had so much higher expectations that it felt really poor after all. Scanning over some comments on Slashdot I see that most people focus on the stupidity of Lee’s idea of abandoning all their technology for -essentially- a caveman lifestyle. I didn’t really mind that to be honest, thinking that after living some extreme situations in the super high-tech society of theirs for over 5 years, it might make some (I am stressing SOME here) sense to want to abandon it altogether and make a completely new start.

What dissapointed me the most was that it all seemed to be put together 10 minutes before starting the shooting of the scenes. So many questions and interesting notions went unanswered.  What the hell was Starbuck anyway? I mean she did find here own body on Earth1, so that needed some wrapping up if you ask me. We were kept being told by the hybrids that she would be the “harbinger of death” for humanity and instead we see her leading them to Earth2!

And what was all the fuss with the Opera house scene? This had been building up for so long that you would expect to mean something important, instead all that happens is that Baltar and Six take Herra and walk down a couple of steps before putting her down before! And then “God’s plan for Gaius Baltar” is revealed to us as a lecture by Baltar himself to Cavil regarding some vague religious notions and the angels that he sees!

One other thing that was completely lame was the way the Cylon Colony was destroyed. This dead Raptor pilot is being hit by a rock and her hand hits the launch missile button which shoots directly to the colony and destroys it!

Not to mention that all the scenes on Earth2 were like some kind of an ecological documentary about the beauties of our planet and how we should be taking care of it and how all our technology and our small robots are going to destroy it and blah blah! This is a series guys, for once, stop being politically correct and taking the predefined/safe path of endings and be creative for FRAK’S SAKE!

There is so much else to talk about but I’ll wrap things up for now.  I am looking forward to any comments and impressions by any visitors/BSG fans.

Battlestar Galactica, you will be missed, that’s for sure! It’s been a nice trip with its ups and downs.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!


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