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The top 10 technologies in the years to come?

Gartner Inc, ¨an information and technology research and advisory firm¨[Wikipedia] has released a list of the 10 technologies that they believe will change the world in the next four years. ¨Change the world¨ sounds too much too me, but nonetheless the list is interesting.

  1. Multicore and hybrid processors
  2. Virtualization and fabric computing
  3. Social networks and social software
  4. Cloud computing and cloud/Web platforms
  5. Web mashups
  6. User Interface
  7. Ubiquitous computing
  8. Contextual computing
  9. Augmented reality
  10. Semantics

One response to “The top 10 technologies in the years to come?

  1. channelvirtualization May 30, 2008 at 11:04 pm

    It would be nice that these consulting firms understand that a normal person does not always understand words like ‘mashup’, ‘contextual computing’, … When you are active in the IT like us, it makes sense (altough that mashup has take a while before we understood it).

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